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Why Movement Can Make a Difference!

Spring is a time of cleaning, cleansing, and fresh starts. And I think we can apply that principle to our mindset and our bodies through movement, meditation, and actions! Here is why movement can make a difference in your day...and ways to incorporate it based on different needs and circumstances!

1. Movement for moving emotions and feelings.

Emotions are moving, evolving things. We emote emotions; they are created by experiences, and we feel them viscerally in our bodies and minds. They can affect our moods, our thoughts and our days. They can last a long time, hanging around for days/weeks/months, or be over in flash. Emotions are meant to be felt, experienced and then RELEASED. What can happen though, is emotions get stuck in our body...and here comes the movement! By utilizing different types of movement, we can move emotions and feelings out of the body. Shaking, tapping, jostling the body can help release tension, fear and worry. Deep breathing can help release anxiety. Yoga flows can help release energy trapped as well. Slow, yin practices can help create space and clear the mind. The key is picking the type of movement that you need to refresh your body and mind!

2. Breathing to affect our nervous system.

Deep breathing can stimulate our Vagus Nerve, which in turns stimulates the rest and relax response of our nervous system. Just 5-10 minutes of deep, slow, mindful breathing can change the way your body physically feels as well as help shape your thoughts and release mental anxiety.

When deep breathing, as you exhale, focus on a gentle constriction at the back of your throat to help stimulate the Vagus Nerve (its like you are fogging a mirror), and allow your belly to expand and contract with your breath so that your diaphragm is actively working, which also help stimulate the Vagus Nerve. Close your eyes, get comfortable and give it a go!

3. A little goes a long way.

Did you know that research is starting to suggest that 10-15 minutes a day of movement can be just as beneficial as that hour long class you love? And the best thing--you can shift this 10 minutes to fit your mood at the time. Feeling stressed and rushed? Try some slow stretches to loosen the tension. Feeling tired and lazy? Take on a short 10 minute HIIT session to get the blood pumping. Feeling unmotivated? Target your core to see a boost in energy and focus! Feeling frazzled? Slow down and breathe in your two favorite stretches and feel your body relax!

4. How to squeeze it in!

The best way--let yourself be flexible and work with your normal routine! Are you a morning person? Squeeze it before you go to work. Are you a night owl? Start an evening routine. Busy AF and don't know where to start? Try on a 10 min lunch time routine.

Make it yours, make it flexible, make it work. It doesn't have to be the same time, same thing, same place every day! Get outside one day, do it in bed one day, get on your mat another, etc.

My personal go to: a midday squeeze. My mornings are pretty rushed before my toddler wakes up and my evenings are all dinner time, bath time, bedtime routine into exhaustion, so my go to is midday! I pick something to fit my mood--30 minutes of pilates, 20 minutes of vigorous yoga, 20 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes of breathing, anything I am in the mood for and I go for it! Without judgment, worry, or comparison to the day before or the day to come.

The bottom line:

Movement, in all forms, can help us release emotions, change our mindset and reset our nervous system. It can also be customized to meet our needs in the moment, and can be used in different ways for different times to make a difference. And, movement is for EVERY one! So...make it yours, don't be afraid to try something new, and just GO FOR IT!

If you need motivation or accountability, I am here! Join a live class, rent a video or book a virtual private for one on one! :)


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