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frequently asked questions

I am new to working out/out of shape. can I do Nflow Fitness classes?

Nflow Fitness is for all levels! You can be a complete novice and still enjoy each style of class. Modifications are offered as we go, and you can always take breaks as needed. You are in charge of your journey so trust yourself through the process--some days will be easier than others no matter your fitness experience! 

what results will I see from Nflow Fitness?

Nflow Fitness will create transformation in body and mind! With commitment and repetition you can expect to see:

  • increased muscle tone & definition

  • improved posture

  • improved joint function

  • increased core strength

  • feel good in body & mind

  • connect with your breath

  • increased energy & mental clarity

and so much more! Each of us will find something different! depending on what classes you do, how often you move, and how you mentally show up each class will inform your results! 

what do I need for classes?

Grab a mat and water for every class!


For Yoga, blocks and straps are handy to have.

Pilates fusion can be done with just body weight, and a set of light weights (1-3lbs), pilates ball and circular resistance band are sometimes used!

For a HIIT Strength class, have a set of heavy weights, a set of light weights, and tennis shoes are suggested. 

Private lessons are a combo of styles depending on your needs and we will discuss what props you need!

Do you offer private classes or events?

Yes! I am happy to offer virtual or in person private training to help you meet your goals--book here! 

If you are interested in booking a private class, corporate class or event, please email me, and we can chat details! I would love to bring yoga and pilates to you!

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