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class descriptions

why Nflow Fitness?

Nflow Fitness is designed to move, grow and evolve with you and your fitness goals. As a lifelong mover and teacher, I believe it's important to find movement you are passionate about that challenges you to grow AND meets you where you are. Understanding the body and how it moves, makes these workouts effective--and safe--for your body. You will FEEL the results! Combine the classes to create a full workout regime, or pick your favorite style to compliment other workouts you already do. I welcome you to be in flow with your fitness, choosing day to day what you need each time we meet! 

techniques & inspiration

each class packs a punch! whether you choose to do just one style or mix and match each week to create a full workout regime, you can find exactly what you need day to day wherever you are in the flow of things!


pilates fusion

improve posture, joint health & core strength

Pilates fusion is a blend of pilates, yoga and functional fitness moves that builds an overall strength and tone as well as support. This class is aimed to create a well-rounded physique, healthy joints, improve posture, and create a strong core connection. Great for all levels, this class is mostly done with body weight so its easy to do anytime, anywhere. Don't be fooled though--this class packs a punch in the slow and steady burn you can build! It's perfect for developing overall strength and support in your body. 


mobilize & strengthen

the body & mind

This vinyasa style yoga class will honor the biomechanics and structure of the body. You will build stability and mobility so that you feel stronger as well as more flexible over time. Classes will focus on a theme--an area of the body, a pose, or energetic idea--to give your movement purpose and mind a focus. A great class if you are looking to tune into the natural rhythms of your body and mind, focus on your breath, and develop a sense of balance. It's also a great support for other high impact workouts!

HIIT strength

create muscle tone & find strength

HIIT strength is a fun combination of HIIT and strength training workouts that will get your heart pumping, body sweating and challenge you in endurance as well as strength. Using weights, resistance bands and interval training, this class will push you to find your limits and step past them. Looking for more overall definition and tone in your body? Needing a little cardio kick? Then, this class is a great addition to your weekly line up!

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