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All about LOVE!

February is a month dedicated to all the LOVE! From friendships, to relationships, to family to self-care, love comes in all forms and variety. Self-care is a hot topic right now amidst the pandemic, and sometimes it feels like you have to all the time and money to make it happen--but it doesn't have to be so complicated! Check out my favorite, simple ways to find self-love between mom-ing and teaching (and all the other chores in between!).

1. Brew a favorite cup of tea or coffee.

Not in the "I'm-so-tired-but-have-to-get-this-done" way, but in the "I'm going to enjoy this ritual" way. I know, I know it feels simple and silly. But don't you just love the smell of the coffee beans, or the steam from the tea? Take time to invest in the process of choosing, brewing, and the sipping your favorite beverage. Sit (I know, a novelty!) and savor the scent, taste, feel of your drink and make it an experience. I promise this shift in perception will go a long way to making this simple task feel like a luxury over a necessity!

2. Take time to breathe in the morning.

Give yourself an extra five minutes in your morning routine to sit and breathe for a moment. It doesn't have to be an elaborate breath exercise or mediation (and it can be if you have the time!). Try squeezing in five minutes after you brush your teeth and the coffee is brewing to sit and allow 5-10 deep breathes to flush your system. This can help set your nervous system up for a successful day!

3. Move your body!

Did you know that research is starting to suggest that 10-15 minutes a day of movement can be just as beneficial as that hour long barre class you love?! Yes, it can be this simple! Taking time to squeeze in 10 minutes of your favorite movement a day can really change your body and mind in a positive way. And the best thing--you can shift this 10 minutes to fit your mood at the time. Feeling stressed and rushed? Try some stretches to loosen the tension. Feeling tired and lazy? Take on a short 10 minute HIIT session to get the blood pumping. Feeling unmotivated? Target your core to see a boost in energy and focus!

4. Squeeze in a small, simple indulgence.

For me, its a face mask! I love the feel of the mask on my skin, and it makes me take time to lie down and close my eyes for just 15-20 minutes. Maybe for you its painting your nails, taking a bath instead of a shower, or even savoring that delicious piece of dark chocolate on the patio. Keep it simple and without expectation--it doesn't have to change the world to make a difference in your day!

The bottom line:

Take the drama out of self care for yourself! Make it your own and keep it simple. There are many more ways to treat yourself than the ways I've listed above, but these are my personal favorite ways to spoil myself while being busy and staying safe! Do you have a favorite ritual not listed here? I'd love to hear it! Shoot me an email or message me on Instagram. :)

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05 de fev. de 2021

Keeping self-care simple and without expectation is such a lovely reminder, Kara. Thank you for that! Something I was in the habit of doing for a while that this post has inspired me to start trying again is incorporating some stretches and movement while brewing coffee/tea. I look forward to ending my night with that tonight, and starting tomorrow on the Yoga Livestream with you!

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