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Welcome to Nflow! So what's it all about?

Nflow Fitness is born from my desire to reconnect with you all after a funky, COVID year! Movement has always been my passion and sharing my love and knowledge for movement helps me take my passion to the next level. Community always makes things better, right?!

It's about the journey.

When it comes to health and fitness, I think it's about the journey as well as the destination. I believe our health and fitness are based on a bunch of habits and choices that we make each day, and that we make them based on our needs in the moment as well as in regards to our overall health goals. And each day is different, each phase of life is different; therefore, each workout will need to be a little different. When we rush to get to an end point, we miss so much along the way. I feel it's important to honor where you are AND where you want to get.

Full body health, functionality and strength.

Our body is a miracle in motion; made up of a million different parts that function in correlation to one another! Our body is also our home. The health and functionality of your body is most important here at Nflow--so we focus on creating core strength, improving your posture, supporting your joints, and creating overall, functional (aka useable) strength.

Strength and flexibility go hand in hand.

Here at Nflow, I believe that strength and flexibility are two sides of the same coin. Or rather that the strength of your body also depends on the mobility of your body and vice versa. I incorporate my experience and expertise in Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, strength training, myofascial release and other functional fitness modalities to reach the goal of a strong and mobile body. The ultimate goal: feel good in your body!

So why Nflow Fitness?

Nflow is designed to move, grow and evolve with you and your fitness goals. I believe it's important to find movement that challenges you to grow AND meets you where you are that creates sustainable stability and flexibility in your body. With my 13 years of experience in yoga, dance, and pilates, I create effective (and safe) workouts for your body based on your experience, needs, current fitness level and where you want to go! No matter your goals, you can expect to improve your posture, joint health and core strength--which will leave you feeling great in your body.



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