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7 Reasons Pilates is for ALL!

Pilates is an amazing workout that sometimes get the rap as being "active recovery" or good for "rest day." I am here to bust that myth! Pilates, when done right and with attention and focus, can be an amazing workout to target and tone your body and deliver results!

Improve your Posture.

Pilates movements are created to find the most efficient way to move and over time will improve your structure, or posture, to be in its most efficient form. Pilates focuses on spinal health and positioning, so posture work is inside almost every movement we do.

Improve your Joint Health.

Pilates targets the small, supporting muscles of your body, like the muscles around your major joints. Increasing muscle strength around the knees, back, and shoulders (as well as ankles, wrists, and all others!) will help take pressure off the joints themselves, which will help improve their efficiency. Improving range of motion, removing undue stress and strengthening the surrounding muscles, will improve the way you feel in your body as well!

Increase your Core Strength.

The foundation of Pilates is in spinal mobility and core strength, or the muscles of your abdomen. Core strength is integral to ALL movements and day to day living--did you know that most back pain is attributed to a weak core?! Increasing your core strength will improve your posture, help reduce back pain, and make your body stronger overall.

Target hard to get/often missed muscle groups.

Pilates digs in and find the smaller, supporting muscle groups that often get missed in other weight training and workout styles. In simple terms, we can break our muscles into two main groups: prime movers and stabilizers. Most workouts do a great job of targeting the prime movers, or "bigger" muscle groups of the body, and overlook the stabilizers and supporters. And when the stabilizing muscles are weak, our joints are at a greater risk for injury. When the stabilizing muscles are weak, we have more pain. When the stabilizing muscles are weak, the prime movers are out of balance, and usually tight, which leads to joint pain and constant tension. So by incorporating Pilates, we can create a more functional, efficient, and sustainable strength that will improve our day to day living as well as our other workouts.

Rehab Injuries.

Have a tweaky shoulder? A bum knee? Constant low back pain? Neck tension? Pilates is great at helping solve these issues over time. Because Pilates focuses on deeper, stabilizing strength; flexibility and range of motion; core strength; and is low impact, it is the perfect workout to help you overcome injury. And once you see the benefits, you'll be hooked! It's not just for injury rehab, but overall sustainable health!

Improve Flexibility.

Tight muscles=weak muscles. Tight muscles=tension. Tight muscles=chronic pain. Work to improve your flexibility through muscles and joint range of motion to feel better in your body!

Increase Coordination and Mental Function.

Did you know that workouts that include muscle coordination help your brain? Workouts like yoga and Pilates that require focus and multi-muscle movements help improve the neuroplasticity of your brain, or the ability of your brain to learn new things, which helps reduce your risk of certain brain related diseases and the ill effects of old age.

The Bottom Line?

Pilates has benefits anyone can enjoy. Pilates can benefit your overall health and wellness, your day to day living, and improve your performance in other workouts. If you've never done pilates before, you might be surprised at the level of challenge this workout brings. Try incorporating Pilates into your routine at least once a week, and you'll find yourself coming back for more!

Looking for one-on-one instruction? Check out virtual private training with me where we can break down the pilates movements that will be most beneficial to your and your needs!

Want to try Pilates in a group setting? Check out my livestream options: every second and fourth Saturday, I offer Pilates Fusion 9:30CST for just $10! You can also review as much as your want for 48 hrs after.



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