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be in flow with your fitness


be in flow with your fitness

Just like our lives, our fitness journey is in constant flux! What works one day might not feel good the next, or what served you over the past five years might not support you anymore. 

Join Kara to embrace the ride! Nflow Fitness is a blend of weight training, HIIT, pilates, and yoga that allows you to choose what is right for you each day and each phase of your fitness journey. Not sure what will work for you? Check out packages, private lessons, and technique descriptions to find what will work best for you!

Nflow Fitness is here to grow with you!

“I've taken pilates and yoga classes from Kara for 9 years and look forward to every workout with her.  The bottom line--Kara is a MOTIVATOR! Her classes are impeccably choreographed and challenging, and you can sense her compassion through every class. Kara's instruction keeps me engaged because she challenges me while making it fun. I feel AMAZING after every workout! I would highly recommend taking any of Kara's classes to ANYONE who is interested in getting in shape with an incredible instructor."

Sara T.

Kara here! I am a former professional dancer turned fitness professional turned stay at home mom during the COVID-19 craziness! Having always been an avid mover, I wanted to create the perfect program to move with us in different phases of our fitness journeys. From dance to yoga to pilates, I have studied the human body and movement for over 16 years. This program works with the natural biomechanics of your body to help strengthen, support and challenge you at any level. From beginner to experienced, from artist to athlete, from young to old, find the movement that flows with your needs now. 

Why Nflow Fitness?


Life--and fitness!--is all about balance! Therefore, one type of workout all the time won't suffice! We can create the perfect program for your fitness goals as they flow over time by combining Pilates Fusion, Yoga or HIIT Strength to meet your goals.


Ready to be in flow with your fitness? Learn more about the techniques I emply in each session. 


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